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Our Services

Below you will find a list of services we offer but not limited to. If your need is not on our list, please call or text us at:

(419) 685-7944

  • Assess your project goals
  • Does it all stay and just need organized?
  • Are you saving stuff for your family
  • Are you donating to Goodwill, Church, or charity?
  • Do we need to haul stuff to the dump?
  • Once we figure out you project goals, we would sort into the sections you have in mind.
  • stuff staying can be organized in space saving ways(shelves, totes, boxes) labelled of course 😊
  • stuff getting donated we can haul for you, or arrange for pick up if they offer that service.
  • haul to goodwill
  • if your selling stuff, we can help guide you in that direction

Need Help?

Give us a call at (419) 685-7944 or click the contact us button to fill out a form and we will get back to you right away!